Famous foods that you must taste while travelling in Amritsar

The best thing of Punjab is no one sleeps empty stomach there. In the scorching heat of summer, you’ll find various pandals (stalls) arranged to provide flavoured water (sharbat) generally made with milk and Roohafza for the travellers nearby those stalls. One of the famous district of Punjab is Amritsar also known as Guru ki Nagri is full of colours, cultures, flavours and taste. From restaurants and dhabas to street food, every dish is made with a lots of love and different spices. The erotic aroma of street food make people travelling nearby to stop and have a plate of that mesmerizing food.
There is a long list of erotic foods, drinks as well as desserts which you should taste. Every dish made in Amritsar have its own taste and texture. There are many areas in Amritsar where you can have best food and each of them are known to have a speciality in a particular dish.

Here is a list of some famous street food that you can enjoy when you plan to come to Amritsar:

1. Amritsari Kulcha

It is one of the most famous food and everyone from young ones to older people enjoy to it. Each of them will end up saying that it’s the best food you can ever eat. It is made with maida and spicy mixture of ingredients like potatoes, coriander, paneer and a various spices. It is cooked in a tandoor and served with slice of butter, chole (chick peas), and sour and sweet mixture of onions, green chilli and lemon. It is having various types based on the ingredients that are used in Kulcha.
Places where you can enjoy eating it: The Kulcha land, Kesar da Dhabba, Darshan Lal Kulche wala.

2. Guru Ka Langar and Kara Prasad

What can be the best food other than the food which is blessed by all Gurus of Punjab? You can have it in any Gurudwara in the Punjab. The famous Gurudwara ‘The Golden Temple’ is the place where you can see the history, culture of Punjab as well as can have food (prasad) in the langar. Here the food given is called prasad as it is known to be blessed by the Gurus of Punjab. Kara prasad is sweet and served hot. It is made with ghee and wheat flour.

3. Chicken tikka

It is one of the special dish which non vegetarian people enjoy a lot. It is marinated with lots of spices, ghee and cream and served hot with Basmati Rice or Naan Bread. It is very spicy and creamy. The aromatic golden texture and the thick curry sauce makes non- resistable, delicious dish.
Places where it is served best: Beera chicken house, Punjab dhaba, Surjit Food Plaza, Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner.

4. Puri chole

The hot, big and fluffy puri served with spicy chole seasoned with coriander in your Breakfast will make you day! Aalu ki launji (potato curry), Salad and pickles are also served making it a mouth-watering food.
Kahna sweets‘ is one of the most popular place to taste this dish.

5. Kulfa

Kulfa is a speciality of Amritsar. It is a modified version of kulfi which is served with creamy, chilled fruit creams and falooda (like noodles). It is having different flavours. If you ever come to Amritsar, you should definitely try Kulfa.
The best place to eat is: Guru Kripa Selection House, Goal Hatti Chowk in Hall Bazar.

6. Pinni

It is made up of Urad dal and have a mixture of ghee and dry fruits. It is served as a Prasad in Gurudwaras during a festival or any celebrations. It is sweet in taste and is blessed by Gurus.
It is also served in shops like Kahna sweets, Ahuja sweets, Bansal sweets and Novelty sweets.

7. Lassi

A sip of it will end up you having a one more glass of it. It is filled with sweet and salty yogurt and is served in a tall steel glass topped with a creamy layer of butter. It is available in various flavours.
Where you can drink it: Ahuja lassi, Chhati di lassi, Punjab lassi, Ahuja sweets.

8. Tandoori chicken

It is a whole chicken dipped in a mixture of spices and roasted carefully. Hence, making it a juicy chicken. The flavours used in the Berra Chicken House will make you think about it the whole day. If you are a non- vegetarian then you must give it a try. The Berra Chicken House exists on Majitjia Road since 1972 therefore you can imagine their perfection in Tandoori chicken.

9. Fish Fry

Makkhan Fish and Chicken Corner is a divine place for fish tikka and fish fry lovers. It is marinated with spices and besan and deep fried until it gets a golden colour on it. The fresh ‘Amritsari fishes’ used in this dish are served with chat masala, lemon juice and a chutney. These juicy fish fry and fish tikkas are very spicy and tasty.

10. Panner pakoda and semolina pudding

Paneer Pakodas are the simplest snack that you can try in Amritsar. These are first coated with mixture of spices and besan and then dipped in a lots of edible oil. Paneer pakodas are spicy and deep fried. They are served with either tomato sauce or green chutney like coriander chutney or mint chutney. These are crispy outside and soft from inside.

Semolina pudding is a sweet dish and is served normally at Gurudwara during festivals as a Parsad. It is Orange in colour and have ingredients like dry fruits cardamom and suji (semolina) made with a lot of desi ghee.
Places where you can eat it: Novelty sweets, Gurudwaras like Golden Temple, Kahna sweets.

Apart from these here is a list of places you can visit to have the best food and desserts:

1. Kesar Da Dhaba, Chowk Passian, Near Telephone Exchange.
2. Novelty shop, near Novelty chowk.
3. Ahuja Milk Bhandar, near Hindu College.
4. Darshan Lal Kulche Waala, Batti Hatta Chowk.
5. A1 Kulfa, Queens’s road.
6. Astoria Food Pavilion, District Shopping Centre, Ramjet Avenue.
7. Cafe Chokolade, Ranjit Avenue.
8. Brij Wasi Chat Bhandar, Cooper Road, Queens Road, INA Colony.
9. La Roma Pizzeria, District Shopping Centre, Ranjit Avenue.
10. Adarsh Meat shop, Ranjit Avenue.

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