Social media: Easy to use or Intruding?

Social media


Social media is the most important part for the dissemination of information for every purpose. So every social media platform tries to make it more and more easy to use and personalized but does it really helpful or is it too intruding?

When you search or do some online shopping you will see that the similar products or items that you have searched will pop up in form of ads in your social media accounts or websites that you are on. In my opinion, “IT IS KIND OF CRINGY”. It feels like as if someone is keeping an eye on your search history.

Here, I am not trying to create panic but it is unnecessary because if I want to buy or want to search something then I will do it as per my need but giving ads on my personal accounts according to my search history is a violation of my privacy.


Recently I searched for online courses on Google and after some time I received ads for those similar courses on my both social accounts and unusual part of this is that I didn’t even link those accounts and I was using specific apps, not that search engine.

The invasion of privacy is not limited to digital advertisement market but also in our daily life through the apps we use regularly. You will come across many apps that will ask for unnecessary permissions though there is no need of that permission. There are some weather checking apps which will ask for the camera, storage or microphone permissions. Like what on earth do you want it?


In this era, everyone can get knowledge about everything. One can educate himself or herself in any field they want through the use of technology like the internet since it is easy to use and accessible as well as available 24 hours.

But one should be aware of its cons too. We should always check the authenticity and privacy provided by the websites and apps that we use.

And of course, since the Lack of Patience is the main problem of our generation …the internet’s hidden procedures might get you into troubles.


Therefore, you should always read those terms and conditions or agreements provided by the company. At least once you should thoroughly check those things.

Do you ever come across this issue? What do you think about it?


P.S. If don’t want to, well it’s your choice.



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