Coronavirus: The Creeping Paralysis

digital image of coronavirus

The hazardous outbreak of Covid-19 has now more than 2 lakh confirmed cases and engulfed more than 10000 lives of people around the world and the number of fatalities are still counting.

Novel Coronavirus or Covid -19 is caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Virus and is posing serious public health risk. Cornoviruses is a large family of viruses that are common in human beings as well as mammels like camels, bats etc. The symptoms include fever, common cold, cough and difficulty in breathing which in severe cases can lead to death. There is no vaccine available but the process is ongoing to make it as soon as possible. Also, there is no evidence that it is affecting only particular age group. However, the adults or old people with serious chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes or lung disease are at higher risk.

Similar outbreaks from this family of coronavirus were also witnessed in the past like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-Cov) and SARS-Cov (2003). But this time it is declared as pandemic since it has now affected more than 110 countries around the globe and the number of affected people with this virus is three-fold than previous outbreaks.

The epicenter of Covid-19 was Wuhan, Hubei Province in China. There is no evidence about the exact source of this novel coronovirus but researchers believe that it was present in snakes. Since Wuhan is known as a hub of large seafood and live animal market therefore it affected that region massively in such a short period of time, which lead to community spread. Community spread means some people have been infected but it is not known how and where they became exposed. But now the epicenter is shifted to Europe since the number of infected people and those who are dying is soaring day by day. Similarly, Italy has recently reported 364 cases of infected people in a day and more than 4000 people have lost there lives in both Italy and Iran. However, in this dismay and chaos, there is a ray of hope as no new cases are reported in China.

Seeing the emergency, India speeds up it’s effort against the declared pandemic Covid-19 to curb and eliminate its further spread. The number of infected people has increased to 280+ cases including both foreigners and Indians. Out of which, 4 lost their life but 20 people have are recovered. Several precautions are taken by Indian government to have grip on this issue. Some of them are:

All airports and public places are being sanitized.Foreign as well as Indian passengers are sent to quarantine facilities for 14 days.All public places are shut down including holy places, malls, cinema halls, schools, colleges and other educational institutions. However, groceries, hospitals and other daily need products are available as well as made accessible to people. Masks, sanitation products and gloves are provided to those in immediate need.

It is our responsibility as citizens to make sure we follow each and every safety instructions of our government as well as our health organisations. We should keep in mind, there are many doctors and unseen heroes that are taking care of our safety and treating the infected ones while risking their own life. Now it’s high time, that we should stand as one and take all possible precautions.

Remember, Stay Home Stay Safe!😌

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