Can Janta CURe FEW things ??

janta curfew in India in 2020 due to coronavirus

India with 365 confirmed coronavirus infected cases and seven deaths witnessed its first lockdown on 22 March 2020. It was named as ‘Janta-Curfew’ since it was done “by the people and for the people on their own” as mentioned by PM Narendra Modi. While addressing to the nation, PM Modi announced that the curfew will be from 7am to 9pm. It is somewhat like drill to show people that they have to change their daily routine and to tell them to pay more attention towards the seriousness of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Janta curfew is seen as an important step to make citizens of our country aware and attentive towards this pandemic outbreak. It is also done to unite people as one and to make them mentally prepared for the unpredictable future. The overwhelming response to this exercise shows that we are committed to our duties as a responsible citizen of our country.

Not only this, the shoutout for appreciating all the unseen heroes made the people more grateful towards those who are serving people in need impartially. At 5pm, everyone throughout the country came out in their balconies, windows and porches. They all started clapping, beating utensils and tongs to show their support and appreciation towards all those doctors, health workers, police personnel, airport and railway staff as well as media staff. But somehow, ther are some videos showing that people started gathering in groups on roads to show support, ignoring the main purpose of this curfew- To Stay At Home.

Though this step made good impression and somehow empowered them to fight against coronavirus. There are still many major issues to be worked upon. Like, the rise in price of protective masks that are currently selling at price higher than usual. The government should announce a fixed and affordable price so that people in need don’t have to worry about it’s cost. Indeed, frequently washing our hands with soap and water is the best possible way to protect ourself from the virus but using sanitizers during travel is also necessary because soap and water cannot be accessible at all times. Therefore, less or no availability and accessibility of these is really a matter of concern.

One of the most crucial aspect is concerned with the high health risk of homeless and poor people like ragpickers since they are most vulnerable to the attack of coronavirus. Therefore, government must have to work as soon as possible for the benefit of these people since every life is important no matter what.

One more thing …Please stop abandoning your pets like dogs and cats because they are safe and this virus doesn’t affect them.

Last but not least, The Rumours!! No matter what social media platform you are using, just keep in mind one thing: RE-CHECK THE INFORMATION RECEIVED BEFORE BELIEVING AND SHARING TO OTHER PEOPLE. Some rumours like Coronavirus will be eliminated in heat is. It not true since there is no such evidence of this.

To control these rumours is not just the responsibility of our government but the large part of this duty is shared by us. Every medium whether it is a photo, a video and even memes that you love should be re-checked. Memes are also a matter of concern since they are the one’s that are shared with the speed of light without thinking. And if you see something wrong in all those..tell page admin and other people about it through your comments.

Yes you can!! Just Be more Aware and Responsible towards your society.

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