Global WARming: An Overlooked Pandemic

Global warming

Global Warming is a REAL thing. Period. It is not what will or may happen in future or may affect upcoming future generations but it is what happening in the present. It’s not a issue of concern for our future but it is the issue of immediate action as quick as possible. No matter what some irresponsible people or authorities say or how much they avoid to accept this problem but we as individuals must have to be more and more conscious about our daily routines and needs that are directly or indirectly affecting our nature, Our Mother Earth!

Yes indeed. There is possibility of moving to another planet because of dedicated scientists and people like Elon Musk. But what’s the worth of their dedication and our hopes if we don’t realise what would destroying our only planet Earth. We might end up destroying the other one too. Therefore, we need to change our habits and greed of having things in abundance, out of which most of it turns out to be nothing more but waste.

For more than a decade, we the millennials and the generation Z have been writing essays, articles and making posters for awareness about global warming and to save our planet. I think we are much aware about these issues more than any generation but have we done anything practically in our life? If Yes, then you are protecting not only your future but also all the people around you. If No, then you can’t expect anyone else to save you from side effects of Earth destruction. Infact, it is making you more vulnerable towards direct effects of global warming.

Here are some examples to make you more than aware:


In 1911, USA hit a deadly wave which caused more than 380 deaths through heatstroke. Northern United states including New York, Philadelphia and many other cities temperatures reached 106° Fahrenheit. The satellite images of U.S California reservoirs shows the depleted water reserve due to human caused climate changes. According to Paleo climatologist at the University of California, it can become the worst drought that they have seen in at least 1200 years.

Angeles National Forest & the San Gabriel reservoir on June 12, 2021 (first) and on June 22, 2020 (second)
 ESA and ESA

In Houston due to excessive groundwater pumping , it is also is sinking at the rate of 2 inches per year. Global warming makes the changes in climate as a result there is more frequents natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey which destroyed 1,35,000 homes and displaced around 30 thousand people.


Nowadays, because of heat dome, people of Canada and USA are suffering from heatstroke. According to BBC, dozens of people have died in Canada due to heatwave and in Vancouver alone, heat is believed to have been a contributing factors in the unexpected deaths last week. Recently, 90% of Lytton in Canada have been burned down due to which temperature reached as high as 49℃ which is on its own historic.

Tweet from BBC Weather
Tweet from Portland Streetcar

Jakarta, Indonesia

Flooded regions in Jakarta
Flooded regions in Jakarta

It has been sinking from few decades at the rate of 6.7 inches per year. By the year 2050, much of the city might drown completely. There is scarcity of drinking water due to which groundwater pumping is the only option for their daily needs. But it is making the ground sink more and more as a change in pressure and volume because of excessive groundwater pumping.


Crowd waiting for their turn to get water

The power and frequency of heatwaves in India is increasing because of climate changes. In 2019, the temperature reached 50.6 ℃ which caused the death of 36 people. In the same year, the city of Chennai made international headlines when the city officials declared that Day Zero had arrived. Not only Chennai but according to Composite Water Management India (CWMI) released by NITI Aayog in 2018, 21 cities in India are reaching to Zero Groundwater. Around 52% of the groundwater such as wells have been witnessing dropping water levels between 2008 and 2018.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

It is estimated that by the year 2050, 17% of Bangladesh’s land could be flooded and can displace about 18 million of its citizens.

Bangkok, Thailand

According to Guardian, at the rate of 1 cm per year, Bangkok is sinking and could be below sea level by 2030.

These reports and estimations can be a faced as reality if no major effective and sufficient  steps are taken as quick as possible. Not only these places but many areas around the world have been suffering from similar problems and are much more vulnerable towards increase of deadly temperatures, flooding, scarcity of drinking water, droughts and all natural disasters more frequently. It’s not that the government is not doing anything or are not much aware but it is us who can really make their efforts more effective and can provide them helping hand.

If you reached till here, thank you for staying and welcome to bonus tips that can be your weapons as a Warrior to Save Earth:

  • Use your resources wisely, whether it is energy, water or anything related to your daily needs.
  • Avoid mass market or throw away fashion. Learn to buy and  use your clothes more responsibly. Don’t throw them just because you are bored instead give them to those who need it . You can also keep your clothes in trend and fresh with the help of YouTube videos.
  • Eat the food that you buy and make less of it meat. Don’t waste your food. Food wastage is one of the major issues around the globe.
  • Use solar panels, if you can. You might can help in producing a little but worth of electricity for others.
  • Learn 4 R’s- Reduce, Refuse, Reuse and Recycle when it is necessary.
  • Pull the Plug. Don’t leave fully charged devices plugged, unplug rarely used devices. If setting timer is an option for charging or using your devices, kindly make use of that option as much as possible.
  •  Don’t use light bulbs when sufficient natural light is available.
  • Avoid plastic in any form as much as you can. Ask for fabric bags or carry with you on your own.

For more such tips, USE YOUR SMARTPHONES and SEARCH MORE ABOUT THEM. These things can help you become more smart and more efficient in saving the Mother Earth from vulnerable destruction.

Last but not least, Stay Safe and USE you Masks.

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  1. Its like you read my mind You appear to know so much about this like you wrote the book in it or something I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a little bit but other than that this is fantastic blog A great read Ill certainly be back

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