• Omicron Sub-variants: What we need to know?

    In the third year of COVID-19 pandemic, Omicron has been paralysing the studies of scientists on SARS-Cov-2 variants because the rate at which the Omicron variant evolving is surprisingly faster as compared to other variants. The new variant of COVID-19, Omicron was first detected in November last year in Botswana and in South Africa. Later,…

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  • Global WARming: An Overlooked Pandemic

    Global Warming is a REAL thing. Period. It is not what will or may happen in future or may affect upcoming future generations but it is what happening in the present. It’s not a issue of concern for our future but it is the issue of immediate action as quick as possible. No matter what…

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  • Coronavirus: The Creeping Paralysis

    The hazardous outbreak of Covid-19 has now more than 2 lakh confirmed cases and engulfed more than 10000 lives of people around the world and the number of fatalities are still counting. Novel Coronavirus or Covid -19 is caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Virus and is posing serious public health risk. Cornoviruses is…

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